Guarantee of Origin

Transparency in information and respect to consumer in knowing the products' origin

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Friboi Guarantee of Origin

Focused on the guarantee of origin, on quality and on safety of the food delivered to the consumer, from animal welfare to the delivery of the final product, the company adopts the best sustainability practices in its entire value chain, and monitors its cattle suppliers constantly through use of satellite images, georeferenced maps of farms and follow-up of official data from public agencies.

In a unique and innovative way, those interested in knowing the origin of the meat that they consume can access directly through the site or by mobile telephone, by reading the existing QR Code on the products' packagings in order to have access to the farm's name and its location. The Supply Chain Seal protocol has as priority transparency in information and respect to the consumer in knowing the products' origin.

Supply Chain Seal

Currently, concerns with Guarantee, Trust and Sustainability are so essential to the Company and its stakeholders, such as productivity, efficiency and profitability. This is a daily reflection of Friboi and JBS, which center on the continuous improvement of its practices and processes, seeking to go beyond the current market requirements. And, from the objective of forming robust partnerships, the Supply Chain Seal was born.

With the growing demand for commitments, certifications and information, even by NGOs, and the vast need of receiving, constantly, auditors from different certifying agencies in the production units, in addition to a growing increase of interest of customers / consumers in relation to greater awareness of the supply chain, JBS developed its own protocol, validated by a third party, which contemplates international standards and requirements of common interest of all customers and markets served by the company. The certifying agency chosen for the project is SBC (Serviço Brasileiro de Certificações - Brazilian Certification Service).

Why SBC?

The certifying agency has more 16 years of experience in the control of product origin. It has a technical corps experienced in the supply chain. It is responsible for the certification of 40% of the SISBOV rural properties in Brazil. It is a reference in traceability, typification and animal welfare controls. The accreditation is also fitting in other topics.

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Through your mobile phone or site, everyone can find out the origin of the meat that they consume in a simple, practical, fast and transparent way. Through the mobile phone, you simply take a picture of the QR Code that is on the Friboi, Maturatta Friboi, Reserva Friboi, Do Chef Friboi and 1953 Friboi meat packagings.

Through the site, simply key in on the field beside the production date and the SIF (Federal Inspection Service) number to know at the same time the name of the farm from where the meat cuts have been originated.

Product traceability

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Animal Welfare

In all its production units, Friboi adopts strict policies on what refers to animal welfare.

This policy is based on respect of the animals' five fundamental freedoms.

  • Free from hunger and thirst.
  • Free from discomforts.
  • Free from pains, injuries and diseases.
  • Free to express their natural behavior.
  • Free from fear and stress.

To ensure these freedoms, strict correct animal transport and handling standards are adopted.

Friboi has a fleet of vehicles appropriate for the transport of these animals and constantly conducts training and qualification of employees who work on handling on a daily basis.

The production units are often audited by customers from domestic and export markets, which confirm hygiene, quality, animal welfare, traceability, nutrition criteria, among others, in its verification process.

This way, the JBS brands ensure to its consumers a healthy meat and produced from animals that were treated with respect and without suffering.